Hello, dear friend! I’m happy to see you visiting this blog and seeking to know the person behind it (in my humble person).

My name is George and, as you might already know, I work in the digital marketing field, social media being my primary interest. My office is small and takes a desk, a chair and occasionally a fridge in my own house (it’ important to grab a bite regularly, right?). SMM is both my job and my hobby. My slogan is: work should bring pleasure.

In the past, I got to work with all sorts of companies – from large market tone setters to small startups – in various fields: law, real estate, education, market research, advertising etc. I worked hard from dawn till dusk and dreamed to find a way out of this vicious circle. For a while, I couldn’t figure out which area would be the best ground for my skills, I also wanted to know more about how things work so I kept job hopping. That’s when one of my friends suggested me to start an online journal to keep track of what I have learned and spread the knowledge.
And so I started this blog and proceeded to share everything I knew about the internet, adding up new details as my expertise grew. Nowadays one can find billions of unsolicited articles about marketing and social media. most of the unstructured and of poor quality. Hence my blog acquired a mission: to help readers avoid gross errors and speed up their learning process on the way to becoming a social media expert. So please, sign up, follow me on social networks and let’s grow together!

May the love of social media gods be with you.