How did you get into SMM?

The internet has attracted me since my first click online, but somehow I never thought it was possible to make a living without having to commute daily. My job at a large advertising agency basically constituted my entire life. Until one day I realized I couldn’t maintain the rhythm anymore or I would fall sick. I had to figure something out, quick.

At first, I helped to promote small companies’ products and writing content for them. Step by step I proceeded to social media accounts management, ghostwriting, creating banners and conducting training for newbies. A couple of years after starting this blog I realized the subject of SMM had collected a substantial army of readers and that the number of visitors had reached 3000. So I fully switched to blogging.

What does your workplace look like?

The author of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s ” Truman Capote claimed to be a “completely horizontal writer”. His best works he wrote laying on a coach. For me, nothing works better than a straight-back chair and a cup of strong espresso. I try to keep my desk as ascetic as possible except for a notebook with random ideas I carry with me everywhere. Helps me to avoid a writer’s block.

What’s next?

Currently, I actively monitor the latest changes and trends in the world of marketing and engage in the creation of new promotion strategies. And of course, I never forget to share my insights with devoted readers! My plans extend to making this blog a place where the best SMM experts would share and discuss their ideas. As for the remote future – who knows, maybe you should look for an online course. Stay tuned!