Each social media platform used to be known for special features. Youtube was for watching videos, Facebook for posting photos, Twitter for posting a thought, etc. However, they have all become similar lately, to the point where newcomers wouldn’t even know the differences between them.

You can share videos not only on YouTube but also on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms as well. This way, it’s easier for marketers to reach a larger audience and thus obtain more success.

Moreover, it’s now easier to recycle video content like never before. By filming a single shot, you can turn it into a huge success. You don’t have to limit yourself to Facebook, as you can post the same content on other platforms for better exposure.

Repurposing is a great way to tell a video’s story in many different ways. So, how can you repurpose your video content? Read to find out.

Why Should You Repurpose Your Video Content?

Through repurposing, you can refresh outdated content and use it again, so it can reach more people and gain more success. It improves the SEO and gives you the opportunity to get more video views by reaching a larger audience.

Therefore, you should repurpose videos because it benefits you by targeting the audience more efficiently and giving you more views.

Why Shouldn’t You Limit Yourself to One Platform?

There are several reasons as to why you shouldn’t limit yourself to one platform only. One of this is the different audience each one has, and the exposure each one gives you.

Audience interaction is based on where they view the video. Therefore, it is better to share content on more platforms, for better exposure and success.

Are There Things to Consider When Sharing on More Platforms?

One thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that every platform has a specific maximum length for videos. That means that it’s better to give your videos a certain length based on where you share them.

You can do it yourself or ask a videographer to do it for you. When sharing on different platforms, make sure to make your videos:

  • About 30 seconds for Twitter
  • About 60 seconds on Instagram
  • About 1-3 minutes on Facebook
  • About 14-15 minutes on YouTube

If the audience likes what they see in the short videos, then they can look for your YouTube channel to watch the full version.

How to Properly Promote Videos on Social Media?

It is really important that you know how to recycle video content for various social media platforms. There are some steps that can help you through the recycling process.

Have a creative idea

This is the prime step and a very important one. You need to know about the message you want to transmit and show it in a video. Ensure that you have the right idea for different social media platforms.

Categorize the Content

This is really important, as it lets your audience know what your content is about. Moreover, you never know how it can help you in the long run. Categorizing makes it easier to send the needed production elements to the hired professionals.

Platform Check

Note the idea behind your content recycling process and think about how you want it translated for each platform. As mentioned above, each social media is different and requires various things when it comes to videos.

Shooting the Video

Make sure to properly shoot it according to the script. The script can even be changed on set if you are not sure about certain parts. Also, make multiple shots of a scene, so it’s easier to share on different platforms.

Final Thoughts

Repurposing videos is a great way to gain more exposure. Therefore, don’t hesitate to do it. It can benefit you a lot.