The story features on Instagram has become a great way for people to show what they are doing to the world. It lets you share pictures or videos, whether they are from what you did on a certain day or just some quotes that you thought are interesting.

Instagram stories are very creative and fun, but they can be used for many other things besides posting parts of your life online. They can grow your website’s traffic, make e-commerce sales and build brand awareness. Basically, your business can benefit from Instagram stories.

So, here is how to take advantage of Instagram stories for your business.

Why use Instagram stories for businesses?

Many people know that Snapchat was the first platform where you could post stories. Because of that, they accuse Instagram of stealing the idea. However, Instagram is a better version of the stories, as Snapchat is not good for promoting businesses.

Instagram succeeded in turning this amazing feature into a way to promote businesses. Moreover, with the continuous increase of Internet users, more and more people are creating Instagram accounts, and are likely to stumble upon your business.

How can you share stories on Instagram?

Sharing stories is not such a difficult task. There is an easy way to use this feature, and your story will be visible above followers’ feed. People can also access your story by checking your profile.

To share a story, you can either tap on the camera icon on the top left of your screen or swipe right. From here, you can simply tap the record button to take a picture or hold it to record a video up to 10 seconds. There is also the possibility of uploading a previously taken video or photo.

The Instagram camera also comes with different filters you can use for fun. Additionally, you can add texts or emojis on your picture or video. The texts can have different colors. You can even share hashtags or mention people. The stories now also have the option of adding a poll on them. Doesn’t it sound great?

When you’re done choosing and editing your story, tap “next” to share it. By swiping up when viewing your story, you can see how many people have seen it. You can also check analytics if you own a business account.

How can you use Instagram stories for your business?

Now, it is easier to promote your business on Instagram. Thanks to the Instagram algorithm, people can find content that they might be interested in.

How often you post and how many stories you should post daily depends. There is an option to post multiple stories a day. However, make sure you stick to the same schedule every day. Whether you decide to post one story or 10 per day, your followers might expect consistency. Therefore, stick to the same frequency daily.

There is no specific time that you should post your stories at. A story stays there for 24 hours since being posted, so don’t stress out! They will see your posts even after sleeping like babies. However, if you want immediate engagement, then you should post when your followers are most active.

Although you are trying to promote a business, don’t hesitate to make your stories fun as well. They might attract even more people. Therefore, try promoting things while being funny or sharing something cute. Creativity is the key.

Don’t forget to use location hashtags and links to make it easier for people to find you. After all, that is one of the most important things, isn’t it? Make sure your potential customers know where to find you.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has become a really fun place, and rightfully so. Use this to promote your business, and it might help you to become even more successful.