Any occurrence that leads to an illegal access to data, applications, networks or services through sidestepping the fundamental security devices and measures is known as a security breach. It takes place when an individual or an application unlawfully enters a remote or confidential Information Technology perimeter. Breach in security is one of the initial phases of security spasm by a mischievous trespasser like the hacker or any application that is nefarious. Organizations monitor these security breaches and mitigate them by the use of hardware or software firewall, and when an abnormality is detected, the firewall goes ahead to issue a notification to the network administrator. However, it is evident that several data breaches take place in too many areas on a daily basis hence keeping count of them is difficult. Therefore, this paper intends to assess various security breaches that have taken place in the IT industry for the past few years.

Yahoo, the once-dominant internet giant, announced that it had been the most prominent target of the information breach in history that was probably sponsored by the state according to the company (Smith, 2014). The occurrence took place in 2013 and impacted over 3 billion users of the Yahoo account. It compromised the real names, the date of birth and mobile numbers of over 500 million users. The corporation pointed out that the vast mainstream of the passwords involved had been hashed by means of the robust bcrypt algorithm technique (Smith, 2014). The hash algorithm takes a block of data and returns a string such that one cannot get their original block of data back. Password hashing takes a clear text string which in this case is the password and performs an algorithm depending on the hash type to get a totally diverse value. The value will be similar every time so that one can pile the hashed password in the database. The breaches knocked over $350 million off on the sale price of the company. The company which was initiated in 1994 was once valued at over $90 billion and was deeply affected by the security breach (Smith, 2014).

Heartland Payment Systems also faced the problem of a security breach in 2008, and over 130 million credit cards were uncovered using SQL injection to mount spyware on data structures of the company (Manworren et al, 2016). SQL injection is a code injection method that can destroy the database and it is one of the most shared web hacking practices. The injection comprises the insertion of the SQL query through the feedback data from the customer to the application. An SQL injection that is successful can read subtle data from the databank. It can adjust the database data through Insert/Update/Delete, perform the administration processes such as the shutting down the DBMS and issue commands to the operating system as well (Manworren et al, 2016). SQL injection attacks entail injecting SQL commands into a data plane feedback to affect the carrying out of the SQL instructions that are predefined. The security breach on Heartland was not discovered until January 2009 because the company was transacting over 100 million payment cards transactions monthly for over 170,000 merchants (Manworren et al, 2016).

In conclusion, it is apparent that security breach is currently the primary problem facing various organizations and governments across the world (Smith, 2014). Most agencies are using Wi-Fi connections, but the security protocol used to protect these Wi-Fi connections has been broken into exposing wireless internet traffic to malicious attacks. However, it is important to note that security breach is not limited to organizations and governments only and can extend to ordinary people as well (Manworren et al, 2016). It is because the effects of hacking or any security breach will affect individual or group you can read these essays about computer to find more information about cyber security. Therefore, it is the responsibility of individuals and organizations equally to ensure that they embrace measures such as installing anti-malware programs such as dotDefender to enable them address challenges facing their websites. Such actions are very critical since they can save the organizations from undergoing the same woes experienced by Yahoo and Heartland Payment Systems due to a security breach on their systems.