The brands we celebrate today have not had a smooth patch in getting themselves seen by people. They have undergone brand woes and have survived the test of time. Facebook and Instagram are good examples of corporations that have a face. There is a reason behind it. Below is why they have managed to dominate the cloud and people’s minds for a long time.

Facebook declared its center

Facebook at inception owned more than a single product. Brand designers for instance logo designers had to come up with a different icon for a different outcome targeting best results. Such denied the brand unity and confused clients in the market for a long time. Later Facebook recognized that it was playing wrong with its brand and had to come up with today’s prevalent letter F. Today any device with a Facebook software has the app icon as F, which has made quite common.

Draw boundary on brand but stay flexible

Brands could decide to use a favicon. However, it will be bizarre to have that icon repeated on every product you own. For instance, Facebook could have ended up getting it wrong if they redid the F icon on every product they have come with. A little evolution of the icon could make a significant difference in the way people will perceive a product, this argumentative essay on social media says. Uniqueness always works.

Facebook rallied huge makeovers through low price examples

Tweaking a feature of a product could change the way the brand performs for the next long period. Facebook tweaked its camera app Klavika typeface such has motivated other improvements in the product. Today many people cannot do without Facebook and most of the products it has surrounded itself with because their brand has sunk into the minds of many.



There is also a secret behind Instagram face success. Unlike many social networks, which are, typeface motivated, Instagram is all-sentimental with the only thing one can do is the use of images. Instagram is a visual content search engine making it a tool of use by most business, but how did it make its name?

Organic content

Instagram has not had to do a lot on its branding part. The product has been developed in a way that it promises sales for products that use the platform. The content of Instagram triggers maximum engagement that leads to direct sales. A platform like Facebook will require you to create an ad campaign to achieve maximum sales. People have found that organic posts have a soft sell; such has made the Instagram platform a reliable brand for marketing.

Engagement lies on the user

The Instagram brand has gained liking because if a user does a good job with their page, they are assured of good engagements. The use of multi-media on a social network has been researched to result in more engagements. For a social network that is dominated by the use of multimedia and less on type characters, Instagram has made its name. A boost of your page with content measuring devices makes your Instagram all-performing with less effort.


Instagram more is more

Many people know this works. If a post gets the same number of engagement more than once in a day, posting multiple times increases engagement. People know that Instagram does most of the work for them and all they need are followers and good consumers of their content. This way the engagement rates go high, and if you are in business, more sales get your way; a good affiliate marketing tool.

For these two brands, the product could have done the trick as the branding did the rest. All in all, they now have a face and will take a while for others to realize a gap in a market controlled by one product Facebook which has already bought in Instagram and WhatsApp.